Once you have been advised by either Westside Ceramics or your Builder that you need to make your Tile Selection for your new home, we recommend that you come in and ask one of our Sales consultants to show you the Tile range as specified by your Builder.

It is highly recommended that you do not come to do your Tile selection until AFTER you have chosen your house colours with the Builder (ie: Paint, Kitchen, Benchtops, Bricks etc..)

The reason for this is that your Tiles should complement the remainder of the house, and Tile selections are very difficult to do without knowing other colour choices for your new home.

We recommend that you visit our Showroom at least once before making an appointment. This will allow you time on your own to walk through the Showroom and to have a look at the different tiles available and to gather ideas together before your 1 hour appointment if required.

If you feel as though you are happy with choosing your tiles without making an appointment, we are able to finalise your selection for you once you have completed the “tile check list”, which will be provided to you. This tile check list is given to you on your first visit to write down your preferred tiles and can be altered and changed until you are happy with your final choices – of which once chosen, will be finalized on a “Formalised Selection” which is what is sent to your Builder and unable to be altered or changed.



It is really important to bring along anything that will assist in making Tile choosing easier. This includes:

  • A plan of your house (even a preliminary plan is fine, as we only use it as an indicator)
  • Any colour samples/swatches of your chosen paint, benchtops, Kitchen cupboards, Bricks etc..
  • Any paperwork that you have received from your Builder with the House design details on it
  • Any paperwork that indicates any alterations/additionals that you have done regarding Tiling (ie: Raised Tiling heights, additional Tiling etc..)



As previously mentioned, we highly recommend that you visit our Showroom at least once prior to making an appointment. This will give you a better idea of the tiles available, and allow you time to have a thorough look through our Showroom at your own pace. Our showroom has a vast range of tiles to view, so it’s very important to allow yourself plenty of time. Everybody is different, and therefore will take varied time to choose Tiles. We recommend as an indication, to allow at least a few hours here on your first visit, then on your return visit (if required) allow at least an hour for your appointment and a further 30 minutes to write up a formalised selection.

If you are not able to visit the Showroom prior to your appointment, then we still recommend making a time that allows you time prior to the appointment, to have a look around. If you do not allow yourself this time, then the appointment time may not sufficient, depending on how detailed your tiling requests are.




Building a house is a new and exciting experience for most people. It is also a time when there is a lot of information given, and lots of things to be considered.

When visiting our Showroom, we recommend that you allow yourself ample time here prior to our closing times. Choosing Tiles for your home is a very big decision, and wrong decisions are usually made when under time restraints, when under pressure or ill equipped. This is why we urge Clients to bring all the house colour samples in, to assist with ease of choosing Tiles, and to also allow a few hours to adequately view the Showroom. In particular if you plan on formalizing your selection on the same day, you need to allow additional time for this to take place.

The highly recommend that you review your Inclusions information from the Builder, and also your contract, so there is no uncertainty. In some cases, if left too late, the Builder may not allow you to get quotations to add areas or increase Tiling heights. There are certain aspects that we are able to quote for you, whether during doing the Tiling for the Builder, or in some cases, after handover as a “Stage 2”.

You may also wish to ask us to quote you for a “Supply only” of additional tiles to carry out Tiling after handover yourself, or purchase spare tiles for your home. The time to do this would be when doing your formalized selection so it can be noted on there. That way, when the time comes, we can ensure that you receive the same batch/shade of Tile as what will be ordered for your house.