As a general rule, different Tiled finishes and the areas they are tiled in, will depend on the regular cleaning process required, or that of a major clean.

Each circumstance is different and should be treated as stand alone.

Any information & instructions on cleaning products you choose, should be used ONLY as a guide, as each situation is different.

There are various cleaning products on the market, and some generally are not suitable for newly laid tiles & grout. Manufacturer recommendations of the cleaning product, should be taken into consideration always.

Abrasive cleaners including those containing forms of harsh acids and citrus bases, should generally be avoided unless recommended by a Professional. This is particularly the case with bleach-based products, which if not washed off completely, can possibly even discolour and deteriorate grout joints. All cleaners MUST be thoroughly washed off after use, to obtain the best results.

General cleaning should consist of the use of non-metal type scourers and brushes/mops and always start with a sweep or vacuum of the floor to get rid of loose dirt and dust particles.

The use of a cleaning solution with clean warm water is recommended, again avoiding any harsh chemicals or cleaners.

Special care is required when using particular products such as Marble, Stone, Metallic/Stainless Steel, Hand Painted Tiles or Gold/Silver Painted Decorative Tiles.

More thorough cleaning may be required for Outdoor Areas or High Traffic Areas and would require professional advice prior to attempting any specialized cleaning.

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